Overview Projects :

‘MER-’ Dance on religious and profane polyphonic music about life, death, grief and pain. (Ockeghem-Requiem, Binchois, Desprez, De la Rue, Marenzio, Britten..)

‘ARGONAUTICS’ Duke Phillips The Good and his Order of the Golden Fleece. (Binchois, Fontaine, Power, Frye, Dufay, Malbecque, Regis, Pullois a.o…)

‘Animam gementem cano’ Composers round the Habsbourg Court in Vienna : Requiem - Biber, Schmelzer, & Stabat Mater - Tuma (‘new’ from Ottobeuren Archive, premiere ! )

‘EARTHQUAKE !’ Around Brumels’ 12-voiced Mass (“et ecce terrae motus”) and ‘its’ minimal music ! (A.Brumel + new Music : M. De Cat)

‘Aquarius-Passion’ Music for mankind at its turningpoint. New Polyphony reffracting the ‘Pater noster’ (Marnix De Cat)

‘Voyces & Viols’ Open my MIND, HEART, LIPS... The best consort-music of Thomas Thomkins & contemporaries

‘Madrigals & Viols’ Italian madrigals & Coperario’s viol arrangements

‘T’amo mia vita !’ The best madrigals of the court of the Danish King Christian IV (Borgrevick, Pederson, Marenzio, De Wert.)

‘Paratum cor meum’ Music from Hamburg to Venice that sings about the different aspects of the heart.(Buxtehude,Bruhns, Krieger, Caldara, Scarlatti)

‘L’espoir du Cuer’ A program of fin-amors music around the 1400 coming from the Chantilly-codex.

‘Ars Subtilior, Modern Antiquity ?’ Most fascinating music around 1400, using all the newest possibilities of notating rythms & melodies. (Solage, Ciconia, Hasprois, Machaut, Velu...)

‘Best of Pierre De la Rue’ For his 500th anniversary...

‘JIHAD or l’homme armé’ The best Polyphony from Alamire’s ‘homme armé’- masses and chansons (Busnoys, Ockeghem, DelaRue, Brumel, Forrestier)

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