Pluto & Hathor

Pluto - ensemble sings together with Hathor Consort in several Programs :

‘LUCEat eis’

A program about ourself, our dark and light sides, from death to life, in an exuberant setting in co-operation with Hathor Consort & Oltremontano.

10 singers (with 3 bassi profundi), 8 viols, trombones, cornetti & trumpet-choir on stage, who let us experiment all the colors of the early 17th century: Requiem - Christophorus Straus, Psalmi - Schutz & Monteverdi, Sonatas & Canzone - Stadlmayer a.o. …

“Voyces & Viols !”

Jacobean Consort-musik (Tomkins, Gibbons a.o.)

Requiem (Biber) - Schmelzer, Clamer - Premiere 'Stabat Mater' (F. Tuma)


Music for humanity at its turning point (M. De Cat)