Renaissance Symbolism

(Jan Van der Goes)

Colors : Black - White - Red,

alchemistic path of transformation,

and white & black fallen flowers as symbol of our dialectic world of death.

Some Heraldic/Christ/Mystic Lamb symbolism around 1450 :

“Se la face est pâle” by Dufay could be related to the face on the medieval ‘sweat sheet’ (sudarium) with a face of Jesus, or ‘burial cloth’, that possibly later become known as the ‘Shroud of Turyn’.

There was also the ‘Vera Icon’ with a portret, which was very popular… Also related was the prayer: ‘Salve Sancta Facies’ - as a spiritual miror…)

From the book of prayer ‘Grandes Heures” of Philips the Good: Saint Veronica with the "Vera icon"

“De beeltenis van het gelaat is een “spieghel der heilighen daer in begheren te scouwen die gheesten der hemelen,” says the prayer ‘Salve Sancta Facies’.

The Mystic Lamb - Van Eyck