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Pluto ensemble

vocal variable

Singing music from middle ages till now

Inspirator, conductor, and singer Marnix De Cat founded the Pluto-ensemble to perform music based on Truth of the human being, with a message of beauty and joy. In times of mondial disturbance the idea is to have a good influence both on musicians and public, by programming, playing and explaining music in its context.  Let's eliminate the disturbance by exploring and working on the cause, this means our own self...   


The name comes from the 'dwarf'-planet 'Pluto', the third mistery-planet of the Aquarius-era.  After Uranus and Neptunus, influencing the heart and the mind, Pluto is the re-creator of man as a higher being.

Each program has different needs of singers and instruments. For a couple of projects the ensemble works together with the  Hathor Gamba-Consort.

Recording-session : "COPRARIO, PAROT-ist, or genius PARODIST?"

Recording-session : "COPRARIO, PAROT-ist, or genius PARODIST?"

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Old & New polyphonic music

With its inspirator Marnix De Cat grounded in the early tradition of the Franco-Flemish Polyphony,  it also wants to open other musical fields.


From the 14th century Ars Nova and Ars Subtilior, over the Golden Renaissance from Flanders to Italy, France, Germany and England, Polyphony keeps up its remarkable and exciting way to tease the ears. Over classical polyphonic structures we also pass the Barock-period and meet Fux, Biber, Tuma, Bach... Ending in contemporary polyphonic music in minimal and repetitive music. 


All the way the sound of polyphony sets each individual musician at a point of surrender to the unity of the sound, keeping his own flow and identity.  What a joy to join that music making, what a feast to listen to!



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